Noémie Daval was born in 1988. She is an artist and a graphic designer from Paris.
After studying fashion design at the Duperré school, and object design at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan, she developed an inter-disciplinary approach, recently expressed through global art.

Ce que mes yeux ont entendu

The project began during a festival with the musicians Hannah Clair, Ruben Bekx and Torsten Hader in 2014. While I was listenning to their music I realized that the colors, the shapes, the space sentations I associated to their pieces were really different. Torsten was deep blue, Hannah was colorfull, and Ruben, a round red and orange space. I made a few drawings and, after a long sharing with the musicians and researches, I discovered this strange faculty of the brain to associate different senses: synesthesia. A few months later, I started the project « Ce que mes yeux ont entendu », during an artist residency in the Pavé d’Orsay, a parisian gallery with Hannah Clair, Hanna Robert, Ruben Bekx and John Featherstone.

Now I keep enjoying working with musicians, singers…
If you have any ideas of collaborations, contact me at : noemie.daval@gmail.com